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President's Message

President's Message

ChairmanToday despite Nigeria’s economic growth, there is a real need to provide new opportunities and put an end to poverty. Extensive progress has been made so far, but there are still social problems to address – food security, disease, poor education and families in need of support.

The Ogwuanyim Foundation sprung from the belief that Non-Governmental Organizations and charitable institutions can effect real change in our fast-developing economy.

In order to improve the social conditions of our citizens in Ozuitem Community of Bende LGA, Abia State, and out of our belief that everyone deserves a decent standard of living, we feel strongly responsible and passionate that each citizen needs to help build our ozuitem community. The Ogwuanyim Foundation embodies an optimistic vision of its role in the improvement of the above-mentioned areas of life - social, economic, educational, recreational and medical.

Through the work of our dedicated and experienced team, The Ogwuanyim Foundation provides diversified social services to the community - aiming at a better life with better healthcare, food security and improved education for those in need.